The Poors NFT Collection on Solana

Meet The Poors - a collection of 5,555 NFTs about hopium and sharing.  Join us to explore novel ideas based on the concept of sharing as a utility.  For instance, 50% of our royalties go to one staker each week.  10% of our royalties go towards one raffle each month.   That's just the beginning.

Minting Soon

Solana is for The Poors

Being one of The Poors is not just about holding an NFT or even using it as your PFP. It's a degen lifestyle that we all live and breathe everyday. We are united by the highs and the lows of the crypto space. And there's not any of us who haven't been one of the poors at one point in this journey.

Minting Soon

Bust out your 2-$SOL and mint one of these bitchin NFTs on 9/15/2022


Post that you're #GDMFP "God Damn MF-ing Poor"

Perks of Mint

You'll want to stake your NFTs to get an opportunity to win amazing prizes, collect $POOR tokens and get whitelisted into partner projects automatically.  But in case you need more reasons to mint...
  • One minter will win 100 $SOL
  • You will get hobo street creds
  • There is a yacht party (limited seats)
  • You will attract gold-diggers

Who Made This?

We are two disfunctional visionaries that have worked for AAA video game studios for a bunch of years.  Projects that we've worked on include Pokemon, Halo, Half-Life, Star Wars and much, much more.  

Doxxed Certificate

Behold: Our Stats

  • 5.5k

    Unique Pieces of Art

    This is a unique, hand-drawn collection that is inspired by low brow artists, gorgeous influencers and the movie Bullet Train, starring Brad Pitt.

  • 9/15

    Mint Date

    Join our Discord, follow our Twitter and tell that Magic Eden intern that you want our mint to be on their platform because we are #GDMFP.

  • 60%

    Royalties To Lucky Stakers

    This is on top of giving you $POOR tokens, WLS and free airdrops of new NFT collections.  Winners chosen randomly.


Our plans are so clear and easy that even a one-legged horse with amnesia could complete it.  Our risk factor is currently zero.  Even if we all get MonkeyPox, we will finish this project.

  • 9/15 The Greatest Mint Date in the History of Solana

    At least for us poors.  Cool art plus degen lifestyle comes to life in our amazing collection of 5,555 NFTs.  Mint price is set at 2-$SOL but will be slightly cheaper for whitelisters.  If you want to save money, join our Discord now and get whitelisted. Don't miss the boat.

  • 9/15 NFTs listed on Magic Eden

    Trading starts on the world's best NFT marketplace.

  • 9/17 Staking begins

    Staking is the key to all of our major utilities.  $POOR token distribution starts up immediately as well.

  • 9/24 First winner for 50% of our royalties chosen

    The first pool will be from 9/15-9/23.  From here on out, a winner will be chosen weekly.  Winners are chosen randomly.

  • 10/1 First winner for 10% of our royalties chosen

    Our first raffle will be for royalties gained through 9/30.  From here on out, each raffle will end on the first of each month for royalties gained in the previous month.

  • 10/31 Flip or Fud Game launches

    Wow, this is even better than a coin flip NFT!  

Join our discord – if you’re not a sneaky bot

  • Our Discord Invite Link

    It's on the bottom of this page.  We could have hyperlinked it here, but to be honest, I didn't feel like it.  I wanted you to scroll down further to learn more about the project.



  • Open A Ticket & Say This

    If you join our discord, open a ticket, and say, "My girlfriend (or boyfriend) likes little wieners", you will get an automatic whitelist.

  • Have Contest Ideas?

    Brighten up our mood with your clever or interesting contest suggestions and we'll give you an OG spot.  Better be good though.

Our Very Brief But Nice Whitepaper

Our whitepaper is intended to specify certain details pertaining to utilities and how they will be implemented.  Creating an NFT on Solana is not difficult, just look at how many new projects are on Magic Eden everyday.  So let's begin by discussing staking.

Staking will be done using FloppyLabs.  Although we could build this ourselves, why not use something that is already proven and working.  If it ain't broke... wait, we are all broke.  But you know what we mean.

What about the Flip or Fud game?  How does that work?

The game will allow you to bet one "The Poors" NFT.  Just like a coin flip, you have a chance to win a random blue chip NFT or you will lose your current NFT.  We will let you know what blue chips are available.

The math is 48/52 in favor of the house.  The reason for the slight increase in odds is that the prizes are quite valuable.  So we need to adjust this a bit.  When you lose an NFT, that NFT is burnt and gone forever.  That's as degen as it gets.

Sharing As A Utitlity (SaaU) is awesome

Our Four Primary Utilities Are Listed Below

These are our utilities at launch.  As we grow our ecosystem and add partners and more products, we will increase our sharable opportinities with our holders and especially stakers.


50% of Royalties Go To One Staker

Stake your NFT and each week (that's right), we randomly choose one staker and drop 50% of our royalties into that wallet.  Payment is in $DUST.


Stake for $POOR tokens 

You can use your $POOR tokens for raffles, mints and buying real-world clothing.  The Poors is a brand as well as a social identity.  Get that hoodie homie.


10% of Royalties Go To A $POOR Token Raffle

We take 10% of all the royalties received for a month and throw that pool into one monthly raffle.  That's a pretty good use for your $POOR tokens. Paid in $SOL.


The "I'm Poor For A Reason Game"

We all like coin flips.  But how about we do a 50/50 game where you can bet your The Poors NFT and win a blue chip NFT instantly. Or you lose your NFT and we deflate the supply. 

Why should I want to mint and stake these NFTs?   I'll tell you why.  Because one person gets 50% of the royalties each week.  If this project was Rakkudos, the first day of royalties is already at 39,236 SOL.  If this were our project, one lucky person would receive 19,618 SOL.  That's about $804,000 to one person.  Ummm, that would be amazing.  And we do it every week.

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Which influencers did we pay?

  • Elika.sol

    We chose Elika not just for her stunning looks (hopefully its a she - we didnt check), but also for the fact that she asked a lot of questions about our project before taking any monies.  She's legit - well, besides maybe the eyelashes but who doesn't like big, fat, juicy eyelashes on a woman.  I highly recommend her to anyone starting an honest NFT project.

  • Solana Leonard

    What made this dude stand out wasnt that he rocked our contests and was nice to work with... it was that another influencer completely lost his mind that we were using him and trolled us for days because of it.

  • SOL Princess

    Our theory is that Solana NFT collectors follow the hotties. So ya, we paid her.